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Colloid Mill

  • Colloid Mill GMP 3HP
  • Colloid Mill GMP 5HP

Colloid Mill GMP 3HP


Our colloid mill GMP 3HP, colloid mill machine is ideal for heat sensitive products and are offered in plain as well as water jacketed model. High in performance these are dimensionally accurate and fabricated from the best grades of raw material. Further, we can also cater our clients effectively providing flame proof electrical as per their demand at a nominal amount.

Operation :

  • Product is fed to the operating area of rotor, having a speed of 2800 rpm by specially designed feed device.
  • The product is processed by high shear, pressures, & friction between the stator & rotor, It is also subjected to intensive vibration which exerts their force on it by means of pressing & releasing actions.
  • Due to the slightly deviating tapering of the milling surfaces of stator & rotor, the angular gap becomes narrower towards the discharge section.
  • This processed product continuously leaves the mill through the drain pipe and can be recalculated , if required.

Technical Specifications :

Colloid Mill GMP
Model CDM 3HP
Particle size reduction 5 to 10 Micron
Hopper Capacity 10 ltrs.
Electricals 3HP/ 2800 RPM / 3 PHASE

Colloid Mill GMP 5HP


Available with us are colloid mill machine GMP 5HP that are precision engineered and corrosion resistant being manufactured using premium quality raw material. These are in high demand in the global market and can be offered with Flame proof motor & Flame proof rotary switch as per the client requirements at a minimal cost. Moreover, the output depends upon the following material characteristics:

  • Viscosity
  • Density
  • Micron size

Some of the highlighting attributes of our machines include the following:

  • For easy maintenance, coupling is provided between motor shaft & rotor shaft.
  • Equipped with three oil seals between the motor & the processing chamber that prevents liquid going in the motor winding, resulting in the burning of the motor.
  • Latest semi concave teeth in rotor & stator reduce the motor HP & offers better performance in size reduction without damaging the product.
  • Specially designed extended bearing housing, facilitates fine adjustment of bearing clearances or back lash to prevent metal to metal contact of rotor & stator. The exceptional design enables smooth & consistence performance & long life of rotor & stator.
  • Special design assists adjustments of the grinding gap by an exterior screw by means of handle even during operation.
  • Leak proof neoprene sealing device.
  • For draining & recirculation of liquids standard three way cock system is provided.
  • Offered with extra discharge spout as standard for viscous products.
  • In order to prevent single phasing & low voltage DOL Starter with over load relay is provided.
  • The various contact parts can be easily dismantled for cleaning.
  • Flame proof motor & Flame proof rotary switch can also be offered as per the client demand at extra cost.

Technical Specifications :

Colloid Mill GMP
Model CDM 5HP
Particle size reduction 5 to 10 Micron
Hopper Capacity 20 ltrs.
Electricals 5HP/ 2800 RPM / 3 PHASE